According to a chinese legend of 5th century AD, Zhen Quan, a renowned physician-acupuncturist was invited by the Emperor because he had an intense shoulder pain, disrupting his administrative and military duties. The physician – who definitely had to rescue his reputation - after careful consideration, asked the Emperor to take aim with his bow and arrow in the center of a target, while he stood behind him. The moment the Emperor raised his hand to aim, the doctor put a needle at an acupuncture point known as Jian - Yu, on top of the shoulder joint. The result was immediate and striking: the pain subsided at once and the arrow hit the center of the target. Zhen Quan's reputation was rescued...

ligalogia2Acupuncture is one of the most ancient healing techniques used on the planet. China is considered the cradle of this ancient art. After periods of glory (Ming dynasty 1368-1644 AD) and decline (Dao Guang dynasty 1822-1950 AD) the therapeutic system of acupuncture has remained unchanged until today. It is a therapeutic technique in which special needles are placed in superficial or deep body tissues or in specially selected sensitive or painful skin areas, in order to treat functional, reversible disorders, syndromes or symptoms.