• It is particularly effective for the treatment of various diseases either combined with medication or not. The use of acupuncture does not hamper any medication or invasive procedure. On the contrary, it  can enhance other treatments.

pleonektimata2• It is effective even in cases that medication can not bring the desired results.

• Reduces symptoms of chronic degenerative diseases but also helps in reducing medication  dosage.

• Treats acute or chronic pain.

• Strengthens and generally rejuvenates the body.

• Short duration of treatment (the needles remain in the body for about 20 to 30 minutes).

• A varying number of acupuncture sessions is required depending on the type and especially the chronicity of the condition. In certain acute conditions even a single session may be enough to show improvement, while other more chronic conditions may require at least 4-5 sessions.

• It has a long duration of action (months or years).

pleonektimata3• It is a safe treatment with an extremely low probability of adverse events (that is why it must be applied exclusively by doctors).

• It is painless. Upon insertion of the needle you may feel a slight pinch, but it is not painful. Once the needle is inserted to the correct depth and after the appropriate handling, the patient might feel a tingling sensation, but the needle is usually not felt at all. People generally find acupuncture very relaxing.

• It can be applied to all ages.

• It has an affordable cost.